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@opensuse #Leap 15.2 will reach its end of life on Dec. 31, 2021. Time to update if you want to keep your devices securely maintained.

Cloud Storage, or not 

I present to you: The Real Cloud Storage, a TP Cloud Storage

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Qualcomms Always-on-Camera: Das Smartphone sieht bald alles

Man soll sich also wissentlich 24/7 von seinem #Smartphone filmen und belauschen lassen, nur damit es das Display abschalten kann, wenn einem jemand über die Schulter schaut, und den Ton leiser stellen kann, wenn es an der Tür klingelt?

Da fehlen einem die Worte...

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Bin einfach nur noch fassungslos. Wie können nach 2 Jahren Pandemie noch solche Fehler passieren? #Omicron

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LOL. Nach 2 Jahren Pandemie immer noch nicht in allen Geschäften Bedienung mit Masken.

Meanwhile in Korea:
Alle Background-Dancer #Blackpink und #BTS tragen während der kompletten Performance Maske.

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Da die meisten Leute hierzulande bisher #Biontech bekommen haben, wäre es sogar klug, beim Boostern viel #Moderna einzusetzen. Kenne einige, die aufgrund der Studienlage ganz bewusst beim Booster nichts andere wollten. Just saying…

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It boggles the mind that amongst greater competition from AMD and ARM, Intel decides that what it's business model needs is a subscription fee to unlock CPU features:

Just a friendly reminder to all developers here in the Fediverse:

There is no such thing as a "Security Checklist", it's a process and there are moments "when two-factor authentication is not enough":

This was the blog post that made me jump ship and move to and , this was about 88 months ago, and I don't regret it.

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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You can view a Mastodon user's public posts with a particular hashtag by adding /tagged/(hashtag) on the end of their public URL:

(account's public URL)/tagged/(tag)

For example, @FediFollows posts with the hashtag #Art can be viewed at:

You can find the public URL of a Mastodon account by going to its profile and clicking on the avatar image.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Feditips #Hashtags #Fediverse

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Hey fediverse, what's the best alternative to suggest when a relative wants to use wetransfer? I used to suggest Firefox send, but that's not an option anymore, and the relative isn't technical enough to use wormhole...

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Long COVID: potentieller therapeutischer Angriffspunkt entdeckt. - In einer neuen Studie hat eine Lübecker Forschungsgruppe untersucht wie COVID-19 auf Endothelzellen im Gehirn wirkt. Zusammen mit weiteren Forscherinnen und Forschern aus Frankreich Spanien und Deutschland fanden die Lübecker heraus dass SARS-CoV-2 zu einem Gefäßuntergang im Gehirn führt der durch die Spaltung eines Proteins namens NEMO vermittelt wird und durch eine spezifische pharmakologische Intervention unterbunden werden kann. -
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You'd think as a UNIX sysadmin in my 40s, nothing would ever surprise me anymore.

Amazingly not.

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TruthSocial, Fediblock, pol adjacent 

As you may have seen in the news today, Trump's media team has set up their own social network "Truth Social".

What they aren't admitting is it's actually just a Mastodon instance with all the Mastodon branding removed, including all of the messages acknowledging that it is FOSS, as required by the software's free open source licence. This is breaking the terms of the licence, and is essentially stealing the software from the volunteer community which made it.

This kind of behaviour cannot be accepted by anyone who believes in FOSS. Keeping to the requirements of a FOSS licence is fundamental to building software together. If powerful people get away with stealing FOSS, people may be reluctant to build FOSS in the first place.

Hopefully someone will take legal action, but in the meantime we can block these instances in case they try to federate:

#Fediverse #Fediblock #TruthSocial #Trump #MastoAdmin #Mastodon

With the whole TRUTH Social debacle, and seeing that none of the news papers actually talked about Mastodon. I went onto the booksite and tried to nudge people a bit.

I've sent some great @FediFollows statuses; but I couldn't find any instances with appealing `/about/more` pages. All of them contained only rules, copyright information and codes of conduct, nothing interesting.

Kudos to @Curator for including a decent description, tough, it's buried after the rules.

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Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?

I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!


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