Compared to Canadian and British banks, Icelandic online banking is far better in every way. Which is strange because Icelandic banks are smaller, have fewer resources, but still have to deal with a complicated regulatory environment, operating under EU regulations.

@baldur, have you tried the new application of the Icelandic Post Office?

@walter Yeah, but not extensively. (Don’t do much in terms of snail mail or deliveries.) Looks good at first glance, though.

@baldur, glad you liked it.

BTW, it doesn't have any analytics -- but for this I had to "mention" national security. The list of priorities for the marketing team was not to my liking.

We really to find a way to educate normal folk into what we're doing here and why we are here; I bet they never heard about Mastodon, just FB, Insta, etc...


Hey , does anyone here know of any paper that looks into what 3rd party code is used in government applications? Like including or in the applications for the postal office.

Hm... this would make a great website... 🤔

(inspired by @rysiek to ask here, my search-fu is not that high)

@walter FYI, Glyn Moody was asking a similar question a few weeks back.

Github / Gitlab might be a good place to look, as much OS development occurs there. You'll see at least specific FS/OSS projects, though not necessarily included / utilised code that isn't being directly developed on.

Many FS/OSS projects and vendors note their major users. Look especially at application servers, OS, databases, languages, etc.

Could also look into recruiting / hiring posts for requested skillsets.


@dredmorbius @walter or, you know, scrape sites and check for GA/GTM/etc. It's all out there, publicly available, just not in a handy list. Somebody could make a handy list.

@rysiek That still limits you to the technology being used on Web stacks. You'd miss, say, the Mars Rover applications.


@rysiek @dredmorbius, yeah, I'll start with web technologies, It's way easier to index, I've already looked at a few rants on T.

Good enough for an MVP, to establish if it brings some value to people. Ideally, it would index everything that has potential privacy issue and in time, add some sort of scoring system.

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