TOR and propaganda on Wikipedia 

I feel sorry for those that try to learn about TOR from the existing Wikipedia page. It has a ton of issues, mainly:

1) it is an intentional hodgepodge of information and misinformation created to confuse people.

2) it is full of political propaganda designed to alienate and marginalize those that need to use it for legitimate reasons.

3) it was edited by people that have no clue about the technology.


TOR and propaganda on Wikipedia 

I believe that the biggest issue with the Wikipedia page for the Tor network is the fact that there's no dedicated page for the Tor browser itself. Almost everything about TOR seems to be shoved in one page, including information about past and mostly broken 3rd party implementations.

The only other page I found is about the NGO behind it. And from what I can tell, they are now trying to assemble a "Communications team" for "wiki", whatever that means.

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