an alternative MNT Reform motherboard with SMARC carrier, would that be interesting?


@mntmn, it might sound like an overkill, but a "no soldering or verilog programming required" prototype sounds nice.

And it could also be useful for a USB firewall. We got rid of PS/2 because we wanted a "universal" serial bus. Now, in QubesOS, we need a firewall for the keyboard and mouse.

@mntmn, though, I'm not sure how the SMARC could have exclusive access to the USB hubs. Does the PCIe spec support this kind of isolation and routing?

BTW, your website doesn't seem mention the base firmware name, I'm talking about the BIOS/UEFI replacement. I've only skimmed over reform2-lpc-fw/, and it seems that you've written something from scratch, am I right? If so, we need to talk accessibility. Really! :)

@walter i think we might not be talking about the same thing? i meant the form factor/pinout standard for system-on-modules

@mntmn, sorry, I've been jumping ahead. So, the "universal" part of USB is not that good for security and people started to create USB firewalls and latches in both hardware and in software, see:

In QubesOS, the XEN hypervisor uses the CPU to create this "firewall" at runtime, but it would be better if the PCIe could "route" one USB hub and connect it directly to the SMARC module, using a couple jumper pins, without any control in software or firmware.

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