Researching ways to improve screen readers is fun, but now, besides helping existing projects, I'll need to create new code and stuff, and I REALLY need to find decent , but the internet is a mess, and I can't find anything helpful.

I also stumbled upon BusyBox (GPL-2.0-or-later) vs Toybox (0BSD). Toybox is everywhere in Android, BusyBox not so much, but it's in .

I don't speak legalese, is there something like: ?

vs vs ?

@walter I'm a big fan of BSD-2-Clause-Patent myself.
Your most important decision will be between permissive (MIT, various BSDs) and copyleft (the GPLs). The GPL licenses say if I modify your code and distribute binaries, I must also distribute the source code. MIT/BSD generally just say do literally whatever but you have to note that the original code came from me under that license. BSD0, CC0 etc are legally better was to essentially put your code in the public domain, no attribution required.

@walter One key thing to note though is the compatibility between licenses - that is, are you allowed to combine two different sets of source code into one product. This is generally most tricky with GPL, but MIT and several BSDs are fine to combine with it. Additionally, there's the question of patent license - MIT doesn't mention patents but is occasionally thought to have an implicit grant, whereas Apache2 and my fav BSD-2-Clause-Patent also grant patent use rights

@walter unfortunately there are no robotized attorneys yet. But I can try to answer some of your questions in DM.

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