new moore's law: every CPU will become twice as slow every two years from all the predictive branching mitigations


Branch Predictor: The New Generation 

@devurandom, no stress, we'll add a new generation of BPs, powered by new on-chip statistics co-processors¹, backed by a linked list E2EE³ memory², with optional distribution, opt-out, of course.

¹) AI in Software-Defined Silicon As A Service, of course.

²) with PoS not that PoW 💩. And all this for better performance on cold boots and offsite backups, of course.

³) E2EE is army-grade, developed in-house, we can't tell you more, of course.

Branch Predictor: The New Generation 

@devurandom, it seems that I'm late to the game, this was first proposed in 2001, and now: "The AMD Ryzen multi-core processor's Infinity Fabric and the Samsung Exynos processor include a perceptron-based neural branch predictor."

But we're still missing the software-defined silicone subscription and that distributed linked-list storage for improved performance after a cold boot.

Now, seriously, how can one trust those?

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