It might not be that benign if your favorite instant messaging app "just happens" to keep a log of your past sessions.

Here's a screenshot of my most recent Telegram sessions. In one of them you can clearly see the motherboard type. A motherboard that didn't receive any security patches since it was released in 2012; Thanks ASUS.

I'm sure this is still a secure device, that's why I'm "definitely not planing" to add an air gap (AKA permanently remove all network connections).

Dear editors,

When you find that an API has a confusing behavior, please deprecate it when adding a replacement with the same name.

I know that you don't want to break "user space", but don't keep both versions, you just create more confusion.

Cloud Storage, or not 

I present to you: The Real Cloud Storage, a TP Cloud Storage

I'm starting to miss the old 56kbit/s days. The internet these days is fast, but is broken most of the time.

I feel sorry for those that have never seen this.


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