@pingveno, IIRC, you need to get past book #2 to get to the thrilling stuff, it's kind of borring until that point.

@baldur, good one.

I've discovered this the hard way, recently. A production bug after some smelly code slipped past code review, and it was a Friday night release.

It turns out that cold RxJS observables can emit values both directly when created or in a microtask. This is a nightmare to debug if you endup creating a race condition. We couldn't reproduce the bug locally or in tests, because the microtask order is different with Angular devMode or inside Karma tests.

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Incredibly exciting to get official confirmation that Germany's health service (@[email protected]) has standardised on Matrix for secure decentralised communications, targeting all 150,000 healthcare organisations in Germany(!!!) 🤯 Read all about it at matrix.org/blog/2021/07/21/ger 💉🇩🇪🚀

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Next time somebody complains about how HTTPS is "useless" or some such, send them this:

A target’s web browsing can leave them open to attack without the need for them to click on a specifically-designed malicious link. This approach involves waiting for the target to visit a website that is not fully secured during their normal online activity. Once they click on a link to an unprotected site, NSO Group’s software can access the phone and trigger an infection.


@kyle, you were not sure how to pronounce RISC-V. One of the co-founders explains it here, at around 1m 35s. It's the fifth version ot RISC.


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"Many eyes make bugs shallow" doesn't apply to security bugs. You need the *right* eyes auditing the code. Until then, backdoors like this can hide in plain sight. arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/0

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There's a very nice merge request from jetomit for adding support for the Kobo Clara HD ereader in @postmarketOS

Here's it running a mainline kernel with some patches with #sxmo

@fla @usul, unless there's an international incentive to get all those behemonts to pay, nothing is going to happen, ever.

And whatever treaty the politicians will try to put forward, the USA is going to be against. So yeah, good luck to the French authorities.

(Sorry for not replying in French)

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Crazy: @chbmeyer says he asked #Renault what kind of personal data his car collects & shares with the company. #GDPR

Here you go, dystopian shit:

- Charging history
- Temperature
- Unique car & battery IDs
- Kilometres driven (battery)
- Operational state of engine
- Driving & parking history
- Data on speed, acceleration & deceleration
- Number of times ABS has been activated
- When airbags are deactivated
- Name, first name & email of owner
- Other electric vehicles in vicinity
- Geolocation

They don't have irc.libera.net in the list of servers, it's on the .chat TLD

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But even in the US you'd have some measure of RISC.

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@nolan, but yeah, my /etc/hosts blocks more than 82k domains (a huge open source collection and a few hundred extra domains from the alexa[dot]com top).

And I have absolutely no notifications in my phone or email. But I do follow like a hudred projects on M$ GitHub and actively clear that "/notifications" page, but thats for my "💵💶💷 stream".

@nolan, I actually find myself on and off mastodon quite often, and without conscious effort. Already had a 5 days break in July. -- How I know? The timeline in Tusky gets "stuck" at the last thing you've seen. And it was at "6d" a couple of days ago.

And no, I'm not switching to other platforms, but yeah, I only follow a few of accounts here and a few dosen RSS feeds. That's "my internet".

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So umm, this happened...
(All I gave it was the comment and function definition)

@rysiek, oh, and about the reselience part: the common violet, once introduced to a shaded garden, it will last for ever. But it does need a somewhat shaded garden, it won't last in full sunlight. Just like software, it won't last unless it has a faborable environment or it is actively maintained.

@rysiek, I've started to appreciate flowers of Viola genus plants ("toporași" in my native language), you know spring is finally here when you see swaths of purple, blue and white flowers covering the garden. And the leaves last a long time, so it's a perfect plant to have as backrop for your hydrangeas, and it also olays nice with clovers 😁.


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@kzimmermann @realcaseyrollins #Libera.chat is using #Microsoft to host their website (ipinfo.io/ and their web-irc gateway uses #Cloudflare's exclusive corporate walled garden, configured to block Tor and push #hCAPTCHA

@neil, there's a tool that does something like that, but geared towards web design: "Figma: the collaborative interface design tool."

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Does this tool exist (ideally as FOSS):

- you upload a series of slides / add content
- viewers access a web page
- as you advance the slides/content, the content on the webpage changes automatically


So you can present, without the bandwidth of video / screen sharing.

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