@ConnyDuck, Do you have crash reports on the F-Droid build? Or is that also an anti-feature that will be marked accordingly?

P.S. I just switched to the Play Store beta version.

@max, I don't think that we should question why Babel exists. Even though there are probably billions in marketing for products that relly on Babel and similar projects, there's nothing for supporting the technology stack behind those products.

At least they have money for influencers. /s

cc: @nolan

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There's a small chance this is one of the biggest findings in scientific history: turns out there's things that look surprisingly like tiny fungal puffballs on Mars, and they seem to grow.

Also, there seems to be something that looks like fungal growths on on rovers. Which as the authors' point out, could easily be contamination from earth. Even that would be a finding with huge implications: life growing on another planet. Sure, life we introduced. But still!

@rysiek, @tomasino, MI raises ARM.*

So, you are telling me that after all this time of running away from the rotten apple, I now need to get an M1 device? Or is there a viable RISC alternative?

* M1, but with Roman numerals, read as "/me raises arm"

@gudenau, you are missing a "50% Yes" option.

So, I guess it's a No for me.

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I have just organized part of my bookmarks on criticism of crypto currencies (mostly environmental, but not only).

Help yourself for basic FUD !


Darn, the delete and re-draft feature isn't as handy as the edit feature on most I.M. apps; They have spoiled us.

Well, I'll have to live with the spelling errors. Hello, !

@rysiek @dredmorbius, yeah, I'll start with web technologies, It's way easier to index, I've already looked at a few rants on T.

Good enough for an MVP, to establish if it brings some value to people. Ideally, it would index everything that has potential privacy issue and in time, add some sort of scoring system.

@rysiek, well, I'm old school when it comes to that, until recently I've been using ScientificLinux or CentOS, whatever I could get. No containers for my personal projects, not yet.

@baldur, # 24 and (login) forms inside popups and no standalone URLs for them.

@baldur, oh man, what a ride down the memory lane. Thanks for the compilation and toughs.

# 71.4, I feel like communication is somewhat broken in most teams, either because the dev is not skilled enough in the art of the imprecise human languages or the manager doesn't think that you know what's best for the business; long term planning doesn't always work when you need to meet the next deadline in order to keep the project alive and kicking.

@baldur, at # 24 I would add: "Breaking the middle click and CTRL+click behavior". It drives me crazy when I can't open a navigation item in a new tab.

<rant>Angular devs, I'm looking at you and your Material lists, ffs, you can add a routerLink on an anchor tag and use the list item directive for styling.</rant>

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Herzlich willkommen auf Mastodon @unihohenheim @Umweltministerium

Gutes Zeichen für eine datenschutzkonforme digitale Kommunikation: Die ersten beiden öffentlichen Stellen in #bawü haben bei uns einen Account eingerichtet.

Wir öffnen nach und nach die Instanz, andere öffentliche Stellen können es dem Umweltministerium BaWü und der Uni Hohenheim nachmachen!

#Datenschutz und #Digitalisierung gehören zusammen - und funktionieren zusammen 👍

@rysiek, oh, I see, thanks. My franken-laptop probably needs a newer version for wifi.

I'll have to stick with openSUSE, in the current version it has v5.3.18, and from my understanding, the next version (currently an RC), with the switch to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop as base, it will have the same version.

I'm now on the lookout for a new distro because of some strange "weekly" crashes on my desktop, but the LUKS+LVM setup that I have is only supported by the SUSE installer

Hey , does anyone here know of any paper that looks into what 3rd party code is used in government applications? Like including or in the applications for the postal office.

Hm... this would make a great website... 🤔

(inspired by @rysiek to ask here, my search-fu is not that high)

@baldur, glad you liked it.

BTW, it doesn't have any analytics -- but for this I had to "mention" national security. The list of priorities for the marketing team was not to my liking.

We really to find a way to educate normal folk into what we're doing here and why we are here; I bet they never heard about Mastodon, just FB, Insta, etc...

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It's official: the @opensuse community has transitioned from the beta phase of #openSUSE Leap 15.3 to the Release Candidate phase. A big thank you to all the developers, #opensource contributors and #community members who have helped us get to this point. news.opensuse.org/2021/04/28/o

@rysiek, what kernel do you have on Debian? 5.(2n)?

@thomaswilburn, you mean those that used to finish a Pharoah mission, just to hit continue and see what the future has in store?

@nolan, I don't know if I would ever go back to vanilla JS. It's OK for a pet project or a smallish library. But when it gets to serious stuff, like a charting library, or a huge SPA, not having TS is simply a crime. TS has saved me countless hours of work: refactoring is a breeze, no more nail biting; and then you have strictNullChecks <3

@baldur, have you tried the new application of the Icelandic Post Office?

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