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Our digital world has many unsolved issues, but nothing beats RFC821++, aka the .

Seriously, and if you try to say something about the web stack being worse, I'll just reply with:

Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="…"
Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="ro"><head>
<meta https-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

@jkbr, you should try the tag list on your instance. If empty, you can open the tags page on a bigger instance and start folowing some people from there:

Today I saw a very nice selection of boosts by @GwenfarsGarden

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@lanodan @alcinnz @lightweight

Yep. I think we should probably put more code-analysis tools and techniques into the hands of both programmers and users, by making them simpler and smaller, and talking about them more.

Also getting away from Intel/AMD CPUs and toward simpler and more open chips.

Also doing as much as possible locally, which means treating storage, computation and communication as resources we shouldn't waste.

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Dreaming of the Mastodon future, here’s a feature I’d love to see. The ability to Follow a specific post. Now and then I see someone ask a question or start a discussion, and I don’t have anything to add, but I’d like to see how it develops. And be notified when there are responses. And I’d also like to see _all_ the replies, not just the ones that happen to make it to my server.

This is a thing I do on Slack often, tag a post with “notify me of replies”.

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Did you see the news that all of the #JWST instruments are aligned now?

Check out this comparison of one of the newly released calibration images from the MIRI instrument compared to images taken of the same region of space by the WISE and Spitzer space telescopes! Look at that resolution! So many newly resolved stars and structures! 🤩

I can't wait for all the new discoveries we'll make with JWST! #Science data starts in only a couple months!

(Image from @/AndrasGasper on birdapp)

@doctormo, when I last tried Wayland, I had to tweak a lot of things, but things could be easier now.

For WebRTC screen sharing you need the desktop specific xdg-desktop-portal package and PipeWire. For testing, I just installed all portals, and use a new Firefox profile, "privacy extensions" mess with WebRTC.

On the the ArchWiki pages for Wayland, PipeWire and OBS, you should find plenty of info. But you can probably find a more streamlined article, also:


@EU_Commission, images of documents are not .

Ideally, this post should have contained some highlights, a link to the document and for something visual, you could have used the section containing the title, the timeline, or even the individual products.

Either way, all images should have a proper caption. You can follow the @PleaseCaption bot, he will bug you whenever you forget to add one.

Also, @feditips posts excellent tips about the platform, you clearly need those.

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You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies, in a privacy-focused environment and with no transfer of data outside the EU.

This initiative is part of an EU pilot for supporting and using social media platforms based on open-source software.

Follow us! 🙌

#EuropeanUnion #Mastodon #Fediverse

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Ich habe nochmal ausführlicher aufgeschrieben, was hier anders ist als auf #Twitter und wieso es das Leben besser macht - ganz unabhängig davon, dass Elon Musk hier nichts kaputtmachen kann.
Unter anderem lernen wir wieder selbst zu denken und zu entscheiden, was wir wichtig finden. Generell finde ich es spannend darüber nachzudenken, welche Technologien kritisches Denken unterstützen und welche es eher verhindern. Klassische soziale Netzwerke gehören zu letzteren.

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I've been focused the past few weeks on targeting some core package sets for #reproduciblebuilds in #Debian, and wrote up a summary of the status:

It's a long, long #lastmile, but it seems almost within sight! Maybe. I hope.

@reproducible_builds @debian

@_astronoMay, and by opening in the browser I mean that you'll need to check the original URL of the resource, be it a profile or a post. Yes, this applies to profiles, posts, and probably other entities.

Federation is selective, you'll only see posts from entities that you follow or their "publicly listed" interactions, which means that in big threads there will be some branches that you won't see unless you look for them. We'll probably need a feature to "view the complete thread".

@_astronoMay, oh, and timelines of people you don't follow will be mostly empty, because of the way federation works. So, you'll need to open profiles in the browser.

@_astronoMay, you should also check the preference page, we have sections like "Wellbeing". There's no need for engagement-stats generated dopamine, there's plenty of that in the fediverse.

Also, there's no shame in blocking a user or even a complete instance. You are always in control of your feeds, and when you feel overwhelmed by a subject, you can always filter out posts containing various words.

More hints: @feditips @FediFollows

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WEB4 over CAT5 

@thatonecalculator @evelyn, make that a "cat with bunny years headband" and I'm all-in.

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Doomerism is a subbranch of consumerism where the focus is to get Doom running on different consumer devices

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