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Today is the day to move to @opensuse Leap 15.2 if you are still running #Leap 15.1. The life cycle of #security and #maintenance for the point release of Leap 15.1 has ended. We hope this release brought you 620 days of happiness.

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The results from the @opensuse end of year survey provided several insightful facts like the last operating system people used before deploying #openSUSE. More details about the survey can be found at

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The #PinePhone modem (yes, the modem) can now run Linux kernel 5.10 ( @postmarketOS )... we're sure many of you know where this is heading :)
Massive thanks to biktorgj, konradybcio and others.

In Transformers, they've used Dark Matter Drives and it seems that Dark Matter might not exist after all. So, does that mean that Transformers aren't real? What next? Santa?

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