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webbloat everywhere: irrelevant images 

Why can't we have light websites? Especially when there isn't anything relevant to show inside an image?

I don't need to see a 705.61 KB picture of a forest in order to read the <3 KB of text and links from:

I have JS disabled by default, but images are still enabled, becuase

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Do you remember the Private Internet Access ? It was the service that many used to like and recomend until they were sold to the malware-loving Kape Technologies? Well...

I didn't jump ship directly, I've canceled subscription renewal and kept the account, just in case. My old subscription expired today and I've discovered that they've fully embraced the dark side brought in by their new master: There is no way to delete my account, and no help-desk page for this.


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„Beispiellose Hitze“ im Osten der Antarktis

Der Osten der #Antarktis erlebt nach Angaben der #WMO zurzeit eine „außergewöhnliche und beispiellose Hitze“. Es sei 40°C wärmer als für diese Region im Schnitt um diese Jahreszeit üblich.
Das Meereis in der Antarktis rund um den Südpol war im Februar schon so weit zurückgegangen wie nie zuvor seit Beginn der Satellitenmessungen 1979. Die Fläche fiel erstmals unter zwei Millionen Quadratkilometer.


We should have edit support on the . "Delete & re-draft" is not a solution when you have a 500 characters limit (default on ) and have to manually deal with threads.

Also, why 500 and not 5000 or 10000? Then we could all follow @pluralistic right here on the fediverse and not feel swamped by all those great threads.

I see a lot of people writing threads, when they could've just have a longer message, with edit & history.

Can we all please agree that we need this?

@mullvadnet, your "Get started" page on the onion service makes a request to you should fix it to go through the onion service or at least configure CORS and warn the users about this.

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@th From memory, there was a great design around recently where someone built a USB-C device that used detection of cable orientation so it wouldn't work until you plugged it and unplugged it once, flipped the cable and plugged it in again, then unplugged it and put it back the first way again.

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@TheGibson I don't like your choice of words: I know about germs but have yet to see one...

I'll stick to Apache for now

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Maybe rss can make a comeback if we link to them with little bell icons

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“if your new software no longer runs on old hardware, it is worse than the old software.”

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re: Here we go again. 

@walter @alcinnz @thegibson Branch prediction works great, as long as you don't do stupid things like, oh, I dunno, speculatively execute code in kernel-space from user-space (*cough*Intel) or somehow freaking mispredict an unconditional branch (*cough*AMD).


Seriously, I could not believe my eyes when I read this report.

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Recently, an overwhelming number of media outlets from around the world have reached out with requests for interviews. This letter serves as my answer to these requests and is my testimony from Ukraine.

What happened just over a week ago was impossible to believe. Our country was peaceful; our cities, towns, and villages were full of life.

On February 24th, we all woke up to the announcement of a Russian invasion. Tanks crossed the Ukrainian border, planes entered our airspace, missile launchers surrounded our cities.

Despite assurances from Kremlin-backed propaganda outlets, who call this a "special operation" - it is, in fact, the mass murder of Ukrainian civilians.

Perhaps the most terrifying and devastating of this invasion are the child casualties. Eight-year-old Alice who died on the streets of Okhtyrka while her grandfather tried to protect her. Or Polina from Kyiv, who died in the shelling with her parents.


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Part 2: In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

This is crazy, these changes will never be admitted into the law.

But it does help them by pushing the boundaries on what is deemed normal and in the end they will get what they want.


Here's a 2017 video by VOX on «How Trump makes extreme things look normal»

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Part 2: In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

I don't speak legalese, but, it seems that the RO government wants all hosting providers to turn-over SSH keys on request. And this applies to all RO hosting providers or those that have romanian clients. FAANG/MANGA not excluded. Also, ANY law enforcement agency can ask this, they just need the proper reason.

For those who speak RO and don't need a screen reader, this is the notification submitted to the constituational court:

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Zaporizhia and iodine pills 

The plot thickens: The Incompetemnt Fools™ governing Romania just realized that we don't have enough stockpiles of iodine pills in case of serious issues at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Station.

Just kidding, they didn't! The IAEA asked them were we stand.

GNU/Joke: website content licensing 

Be careful when choosing a license for your and pages. Otherwise the GNU/Police might come GNO/cking at your door:

- You MUST use GNU/Website and GNU/Capsule.

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

Oh... and their reasoning? You have one guess.

Hint: "ne trebuie pentru războiul din Ucraina"

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In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

The good news is the fact that the law will be challenged at the Constitutional Court of Romania and probably it will never be applied.

Experts say it has many issues, but the most obvious one is that they've used words that don't exist in the Romanian language.

They've probably used to get the translation for "encrypted" and they got a word that doesn't exist in our language: "cripat".

Thank you ,

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