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GNU/Joke: website content licensing 

Be careful when choosing a license for your and pages. Otherwise the GNU/Police might come GNO/cking at your door:

- You MUST use GNU/Website and GNU/Capsule.

The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

Oh... and their reasoning? You have one guess.

Hint: "ne trebuie pentru războiul din Ucraina"

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In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

The good news is the fact that the law will be challenged at the Constitutional Court of Romania and probably it will never be applied.

Experts say it has many issues, but the most obvious one is that they've used words that don't exist in the Romanian language.

They've probably used to get the translation for "encrypted" and they got a word that doesn't exist in our language: "cripat".

Thank you ,

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In Romania 2022 is the new 1984 

The Senate of Romania just passed a new law that forces all internet and telecom providers to record all encrypted and un-ecrypted traffic, on their cost, and also provide a way for the Romanian Intelligence Service to extract the data "as needed".

The new 100 page law was provided for review 10 minutes before the session and it was passed after 30 minutes of "debate". But there is good news...

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"Compromising Angular via Expired npm Publisher Email Domains" by Matthew Bryant

Man, if there's a vulnerability in the OSS supply chain, somebody's thought of it. This one seems particularly tricky to defend against, from the registry's perspective.

DeVault on driving a powered board:

"CPU-bound programs can be a struggle. However, this system has a consumer workstation GPU plugged into its PCIe slot. Any time I can get the GPU to pick up the slack, it works surprisingly effectively. For example, I watched Dune (2021) today in 4K on this machine — buttery smooth, stunningly beautiful 4K playback — a feat that my Pinebook Pro couldn’t dream of."


.. And is built in which seems to be a great programing language, why isn't it more popular? Why are we still stuck with C&friends?

Here are 5 pages from the guys that works on the OS:

Minsky, Y. (2011). OCaml for the masses.

You can find more publications about OCaml, unikernels and MirageOS on their website:

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When talking about the future of the web, please don't put emphasis on what's essentially a and focus on something that can make a difference. I've just discovered and my mind is blown, my impression is that this does to , what Docker did to LXC.

Why aren't people talking more about this? I know it's not , yet, but it has a lot potential. Here's an old podcast from 2014:

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Thought experiment: You can spend 10-15€ on spotify each month, meaning 120-180€ per year. For music there can disappear at any moment and that you'll never own, or you can spend 10-15€ each months to buy an album on Bandcamp (or any other service that provides DRM-free downloads), support the artists more and retain your personal music library even when Bandcamp goes out of business.

The former is a subscription plan, the latter is an investment plan.

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@opensuse has been making some progress with #riscv. Pull up a chair & learn a bit more about #valgrind on #riscv during this Sunday talk at @fosdem

It's year 2 AC (anno COVID-19) and aren't part of the design modern languages. Why? WHY?

Firefox doesn't have a decent profile manager, so I've been using a C krunner extension to fill-in the gaps. I've had to manually compile the extension because of the aformentioned issue.

I've now switched to a FF extension that uses a native DBus counterpart, and guess what? Rust builds are not reproducible (by default). Why? WHY?


It's the reason you buy domains for future imaginary projects.

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school is really good at teaching you to dread things you could probably enjoy learning if you were genuinely curious about them

Ryan Dahl, the guy behind NodeJS, is also behind, and as much as I don't like JavaScript, hats off to him, he seems to be a genius in coming up with solutions to problems:

Deno uses a saved memory snapshot of the processed TypeScript parser&compiler in order to reduce the bootstrap time for processing a TS script to essentially zero. In the end, there's no meaningful performance difference when running a JS or a TS script in Deno.

in vs

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Adds SciHub links to popular publisher websites to make accessing science even easier!

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It might not be that benign if your favorite instant messaging app "just happens" to keep a log of your past sessions.

Here's a screenshot of my most recent Telegram sessions. In one of them you can clearly see the motherboard type. A motherboard that didn't receive any security patches since it was released in 2012; Thanks ASUS.

I'm sure this is still a secure device, that's why I'm "definitely not planing" to add an air gap (AKA permanently remove all network connections).

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